Dr Tumi Shares his "Wafika Moment" and Opens up About Suicide Attempt

Uncaptured Presented by Kgomotso Matsunyane & Ndumiso Ngcobo


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Dr Tumi opens up about depression

30 November 2018 MUSIC

By Nomali Cele

Dr Tumi joined T-bose Mokwele for My Top 10 at 10 on The Best T in The City on 29 November. Along with his favourite songs, the gospel star shared his musical journey and touched on his career as a medical doctor.  He even spoke about his upcoming African tour, for which he’s re-recording one of his hits, “Wafika” in different African languages starting with Shona and Kiswahili.

“Wafika” also lent its name to Dr Tumi’s campaign of gratitude, which he launched a while back. On the campaign, Dr Tum called it an opportunity to look back and practice gratitude. “Hopelessness comes from isolation where you feel like you’re the only one going through a situation in life.”

“I always tell people my story,” said Dr Tumi as he was telling T-bose about wanting to revive the campaign he called “Wafika Moments.” The campaign encourages people to share their turning point after a moment of darkness. “I tried to kill myself when I was in varsity; I wanted to commit suicide. I was so depressed.”

dr tumi, wafika moments, dr tumi kaya fm interview

Dr Tumi shared that in hindsight, his depression was probably due to being overwhelmed at school. But because of the nature of depression, he wasn’t aware at the time, while he was in it, what exactly was making him feel hopeless. He said after about a year of feeling depressed and helpless, he decided to kill himself one day.

Destigmatising our dark moments is the beginning of giving others permission to see a life beyond their current circumstances. Fro Dr Tumi, “Wafika Moments” is an opportunity to shed light by sharing the moments and feelings that threatened to destroy us but didn’t; it’s an opportunity to share a testimony.


Listen to the full Best T in The City interview below

Listen to our new podcast series, IN THERAPY, which is all about mental health and healing.

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