Don’t put your workouts on hold when you travel

Don’t put your workouts on hold when you travel


By: Natasha Archary


Whether you live out of your suitcase or at the gym, you don’t need to compromise the healthy streak you’ve got going on. You definitely don’t need to jeopardise your accumulated, “you’ve been good this week” points when you’re travelling.


When your travel diary fills up

Gym culture can be addictive. Once you feel the burst of energy and the adrenalin that pumps through your veins post-workout, you’ll want your next fix. It becomes an essential part of your daily routine. Travelling, be it a weekend away or a month-long escape, should not affect your workouts.


If you are travelling for work or your holiday itinerary fills up with tours and activities, don’t stress about the workouts you miss. Skipping a day or two is not going to set you back on your progress. And with most travel itineraries involving a level of physical activity or some walking, you should cut yourself some slack.


It’s always good to have a solid workout plan, but leave room for recovery days and provide some allowance for the days you can’t make it to the gym in time.

Travel workouts
Quick bursts of activity

Exercise physiologist, Michelle Lovitt, reminds us that spot training is a fitness myth. For the best results, especially if building muscle or losing weight in a particular area is the end goal, a combination routine is necessary.


While it’s okay to adapt your rigorous workout routines to accommodate your travel, you can’t bank on the shorter exercises to get you the results you want. Running or power-walking is also a great way to explore the city you’re in.

Travel workouts

Killing two birds with one stone this way, means you get your step count in, tick off your cardio for the day and take in the cityscape on foot. Many tourists believe this is the best way to get a sense for the lifestyle and culture of the place you’re in.


Find the balance

Keep in mind that jetlag has a way of messing up your travel plans and this includes your travel workouts. Give yourself some time to adjust to international time zone differences. Once you manage to strike that balance then you can resume a quick 15 minute routine or two.


Workout at your own pace and try to enjoy your body’s movements through each set, breathing and taking breaks between each rep. The focus should not be on ticking off your workouts on your daily to-do list. You should be working out because you enjoy the way you feel afterwards. If your workouts feel like a chore, it’s time to switch up your routines and try something that will keep you motivated to stick it out even when you’re travelling.



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