Don’t post your #BundleOfJoy says social media expert

Don’t post your #BundleOfJoy says social media expert


By Keneiloe Huma and Mbali Dhlamini

A social media expert is warning Afropolitans against posting their children to social media sites on their first day of school. Lerato Ntwampe, a legal expert who specializes in social media says posting a photo of your child on their first day of school could place them in danger. “When you do post review your privacy settings to makes sure you know who you are sharing the photo with,” warns Ntwampe.

With the scourge of human trafficking on the rise globally, South Africa is experiencing an increase in child trafficking. According to Missing Children South Africa a child goes missing in this country every five hours. It is this statistic that has Ntwampe worried. She is urging parents to be careful with their social media posts and says they should avoid tagging family members and also avoid geo-tagging the child’s location at the school because this is all the information that criminals need to pounce.


“Another important one is school uniformsl; with school uniforms you can identify the school. So if the school uniform has a badge you should try and blur it out,” adds Ntwampe.

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