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Don’t fall for the healthy bandwagon fad


By: Natasha Archary

Don’t you just love diet trends and those “new-year-new-me trolls” who use the start of the year like a blank canvas to start a new diet. How could you not? They’re such a breath of fresh air. Every year, the trends just get weirder and more impossible. And every year men and women who are in pursuit of the perfect body follow these ridiculous diet fads religiously.

For years the age-old question of diet vs lifestyle has been cause for innumerable debate amongst health nuts and fitness experts. Diets were said to set you up for failure while a lifestyle change was considered more achievable in the long run. So why then are so many still falling for these absurd fad diets and the “healthy bandwagon brigade?”

In a previous article, I touched on how New Year resolutions are designed to see you fail and how this influences your goals for the year. We’ve already established how this will end should you lack commitment to the goals so achieving a healthier you should stem from something more.

Towards the latter part of 2017, I made the decision to become vegetarian. My decision was based solely on spiritual reasons, not religious. A need for me to tap into my higher self and reach a level of mindfulness that I was desperate for. I was not trying to lose weight nor was this an attempt to get fit fast. It was purely because my belief system had changed and this was the route I would need to take in order to evolve my sense of self.

A month in and I have never been happier with my decision. Although I am hurled insensitive comments about my sudden dietary change, I could care less. The point is that my choice is not difficult to commit to because my reasons are deeper than “I need to lose weight.” I feel grounded and that is something that a diet trend cannot give you.

Most diets tend to leave you grumpy, craving foods that have no nutritional value and leave you feeling less fulfilled than when you started. You may lose weight initially but in denying yourself the pleasures you feel you deserve, you fall into this endless cycle of self-hate and binge-eating and the process repeats.

No carbs. High protein. Banting. High Fat. Juice fasts. Meal replacements. Supplements. Metabolism boosters. Name it and you’ll try it because a quick fix is what you are after. The truth is that quick fixes are designed never to work because the point is to lure you into the next fad trap.

We all feel pressure to look our best and after seasonal holiday food and over-indulging the battle of the bulge seems to be at the top of everyone’s list of priorities for the year. But this pressure should not be the reason you decide to make a change.

Set your own expectations and stick to it because you want to. Sure, you will get the odd “Vegetarian food is so boring, how are you going to survive on just beans on toast?” It’s inevitable that no matter what you decide to do, people will have an opinion and will make it their duty to let you know what it is. I say let them blow steam and find yourself anyway.