Donald Nxumalo Designs a Set For The B-Side With Bridget Masinga
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Donald Nxumalo designs a set for The B-Side ahead of Decorex

5 Aug 2019 DESIGN

By Nomali Cele

The set design for #KayaLunchtime, an hour-long segment on The B-Side hosted by Bridget Masinga, is a big deal. This interview segment was conceptualised to profile the game-shifting artists and creators of the day, in the arts, design culture and media. The segment has been simulcast live on Kaya TV and edited and packaged since the show’s inception in 2017. In the two years since The B-Side began, Masinga has interviewed everyone from Naomi Campbell and Vatiswa Ndara to Black Coffee and the lead actors in this year’s commercial darling, Matwetwe.

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Between Masinga herself and her senior producer, Ayob Vania, the details that go into setting up the mutable space that is used for sit-down interviews in the newly revamped Kaya FM studio are meticulous. There is the stack of books, which includes the tomes of former The B-Side and Kaya Book Club guest, Dudu Busani-Dube; the flowers and general air of comfortability, which could be attributed to a friend’s lounge or a cool cafe straight out of an Adichie book.

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“A lot of people think I came out of nowhere but I have been working since I was in varsity.” – Donald Nxumalo

Last week, the space got even more consideration. Interior designer Donald Nxumalo was stopping by to talk all things Decorex Joburg 2019 — where he’ll be a featured designer — and the idea came up that he would take a bash at designing the space. Well, it was a little more than just a bash, he is, after all, a lauded interior designer.

Says Masinga, “Donald Nxumalo is one of the most sought after designers of interior spaces. He has a unique eye for translating his clients’ personality into a lived space, using bold African aesthetics juxtaposed against timeless classics.”


So Nxumalo brought chairs, a table and fragrances into the studio, all of which are available or were picked from his various collections. That’s right, Donald Nxumalo Interior Design isn’t just a design service, a part of the business includes commissioning, making and selling fabrics, furniture and fragrances.


“There is something unapologetic about his approach to bringing spaces to life and I thought it would incredible to get a sense for how he saw The B-Side and so I invited him to “dress the set” with that Donald Nxumalo touch,” says Bridget Masinga

Listen to the #KayaLunchtime conversation between Bridget and Donald Nxumalo

“People live better in beautiful spaces, or in spaces that function,” Donald Nxumalo told Bridget during their conversation.

Donald Nxumalo will be at Decorex Joburg between 7 and 11 August 2019

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