Holiday School Classes Can Be Important For Your Child's Learning

Holiday School Classes, supporting school kids,

Does your child need holiday school classes?

18 Jun 2019 LIFESTYLE

By Nomali Cele

The holidays are usually a chance for learners to take a break from school and either relax or focus on other activities such as life skills or sport. But if your child hasn’t been performing well at school, holidays present an opportunity to put them in holiday school classes.

What are the benefits of holiday school classes?


A chance to go in depth

With holiday classes, the pace is different from regular school. This means your child will have an opportunity to ask questions, maybe even be able to request a little bit more focus on a certain chapter until they are clear on the concept. Teachers are also looking to go in depth, explain notes and, with the benefit of past performances, explain where the class may have missed the concept in their exams.


An opportunity to catch up

People don’t learn at the same pace but, unfortunately, teachers have one pace of teaching as outlined in the curriculum. If they have to cover a certain number of chapters and assessments by the end of the term, the teacher’s primary responsibility is to ensure they do so.

Taking lessons during school holidays will give your child to catch up on any material they might have missed during the term.

Holiday School Classes, supporting school kids,

Special Attention

If your child is already in tutoring, holidays lessons mean more of the same. If their holiday lessons are with a private tutor, they will then benefit from more of the same specialised teaching the tutor offers.

These kinds of lessons are important especially if you are taking your child’s performance in the first and second terms into consideration. Where do they need special attention to their learning?

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A chance to get ahead

Schools usually have schedules for compulsory holidays school classes. These are usually designed to get the learners started on the next term. If there’s heavy content or long reading that’s scheduled for the following term, these mandatory holiday classes are where teachers might try to whittle the load.

If your child is not at these lessons then they will start the next term at a disadvantage.


Revision is always good

Holiday school classes can also be a chance for your child to refresh their memory on what they have been learning so far. This goes a long way in ensuring that they’re somewhat prepared come final exam time. It also means they won’t be trying to cram the entire year in a few days in order to write their final exams.

There are many reasons holiday classes are good and there’s quite a bit your child can gain from attending a few. Check with their school for a holiday schedule or book their tutor during this time. It’s worth it!