Disgusting ways we spread germs around

Spreading germs

Disgusting ways we spread germs


By: Natasha Archary



You’ll probably want to wash your hands after reading this or just curse me for bursting your safe, germ-free bubble. Either way, you have to admit that you’re guilty of a few of these disgusting germ-spreading ways.


There’s no escaping them unfortunately, these single cell organisms live everywhere. Bacteria and viruses that cause diseases and infections are invisible, nasty little buggers. Germs can get into the body through the eyes, nose, mouth or ears and make us sick.


Here are some of the ways we spread germs:


  • Sharing bath soaps

It’s more hygienic to use a bottle of liquid soap instead of bar soap. A 2016 study found that bar soaps are one of the highest ways of continuous reinfection. With bacteria, fungi and yeast passing from person to person.


  • Hats, brushes or hair accessories

Unless you’re happy to risk catching head lice, don’t share anything that goes on a person’s head. The same applies to sharing pillows, sheets or couch cushions. This is why I hate sitting with my head against plane or movie seats. Yuck!


  • Toothbrushes

As a rule, dentists encourage you to change your toothbrush once every three to four months. But do we listen? If you have a toothbrush cover great, if not, your exposed and wet toothbrush is a breeding ground for germs. If you live with a few people, your toothbrushes are bound to touch at the head…imagine.


  • Nail files, clippers and buffers

Ladies and gents, do not, I repeat, do not get your nails done unless the salon you’re going to is reputable. Women get infections from mani’s and pedi’s all the time from salons not properly disinfecting tools.


  • Drinks, utensils and double dipping

Sharing meals and drinks with friends may seem like a great idea because you guys have this unbreakable bond right? Not when you can pick up a terrible tummy bug, oral herpes, strep throat or even meningitis.


  • Razors or needles

Do we need to reiterate how unsafe it is to be sharing anything that could have contaminated blood? Razors and needles can spread viruses and bacteria including but not limited to hepatitis B.


Other ways we spread germs include not washing your hands thoroughly after bathroom breaks. Sharing anything that goes into or on the ears. Ear-rings, ear-plugs or even headphones should not be shared.


Kissing is one of the ways we spread germs. So much for keeping romance alive for the hopeful. That and unprotected sex as well.


Maybe that bubble isn’t such a bad idea after all.

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