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By Nomali Cele African designers are constantly making strides and innovating beyond the cliché of […]


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7 Steps Turn your bedroom into your haven

By Motlagae Konyana A good night’s sleep is more than just eight hours of shut […]


best design festivals in the world, best design cities in the world

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Best design and creative conferences in the world

By Nomali Cele Design Indaba 2018 might be behind us but there’s still quite a […]


what are your rights when working with builders, builders ombusman south africa

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What are your rights when working with builders

By Nomali Cele One of the most popular genre of reality-horror is probably waking up […]


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Threads finalist Majda Rabin of Chimpel enterprenuership

By Motlagae Konyana Madja Rabin started her fashion design career in 2008. She is inspired […]


hot to take care of your houseplants

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The best indoor plants and how to take care of them

By Nomali Cele Wouldn’t you Afropolitans agree that the recurring interior design theme for us […]


most beautiful object in south africa design indaba, kirstenbosch gardens boomslang

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The most beautiful object in South Africa 2018

By Nomali Cele In 2007, Design Indaba awarded the first “most beautiful object in South […]


2018 interior decor trends

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Interior decor trends to try in 2018

By Nomali Cele Interior decor trends? Who needs them? When you’ve built your home to a […]


festive season decor ideas

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Add these last-minute touches to make your festive decor elegant

By Nomali Cele The thing about festive season decor is that it leans on the […]


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Renovating Your Home This Festive Season?

By Zuko Komisa While the festive season is all about ending the year on a […]


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Pantone’s colour of the year 2017 is great for home décor

By Nomali Cele Pantone, the colour systems of the world, announced “greenery” as the colour […]


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Driveline introduces new ways to live in the city

By Zuko Komisa Ever wondered how living in a container would feel like? Well, there […]


young south african designers

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Young South African designers to watch

By Nomali Cele Young blood doesn’t always get its due acknowledgement in industries. Meet three […]