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COVID-19 – Uber’s Operation Guidelines Under SA Lockdown

26 Mar 2020 COVID-19

As announced by Minister of Transport, Fikile Mbalula on 25 March 2020, e-hailing services in South Africa such as Uber are authorised to operate daily for all riders but under restricted hours from 5am to 9am and 4pm to 8pm and for permitted travel purposes only, during the 21-day National lockdown.

Regulatory Guidelines

  • Uber app will only be available during the national government’s restricted operating hours
  • Travelling is restricted for obtaining an essential good or service or for rendering an essential service or for any other permitted purpose listed below.
  • Limitations on passengers
    • UberX, UberGO, UberBLACK, UberASSIST, UberVIP – Maximum of 1 passenger
    • UberXL – Maximum of 2 passengers
    • UberVan – Maximum of 3 passengers
  • We request that you sit in the back seat of the vehicle
  • Please note it is illegal to transport any alcoholic beverages in your vehicles during the 21 day lockdown period


E-hailing services will be allowed to operate where it is for the:

  • rendering or receiving of essential services; or
  • obtaining essential goods (such as grocery shopping); or
  • seeking medical attention; or
  • attending funeral services; or
  • receiving payment of grants.

There will be no dynamic pricing (surge) during the lockdown period.

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