Convenient dining with UCOOK

UCOOK Moroccan chicken

Convenient dining with UCOOK

4 Oct 2018 FOOD

By: Natasha Archary



When it comes to weeknight meals, opting for takeout may seem like the most convenient way to feed your family. What if I told you that there’s a simpler, healthier, more cost effective alternative?


You’re allowed to be a little sceptical, it does seem too good to be true doesn’t it? That’s where UCOOK is changing the game on convenient, healthy meals for the entire family.

UCOOK Moroccan Chicken
Ticking all the boxes

Most parents will know all about picky eaters and working around their particular preferences. Every parent strives to ensure that their kids eat as healthy as possible. But with limited time for meal prepping during frantic week, we all just want something quick and we may lose track of nutritional value in most of our meals as a result.


UCOOK has taken care of that for you. Ticking all the boxes with fresh, seasonal ingredients in each meal, all dishes are carefully balanced to ensure flavour, texture and healthy portions are met.


Not only are meals super delicious but they’re also equally simple to knock out. Most of the ingredients are already prepared, the most you’ll have to do is season a piece of organic protein, turn on the oven and dinner is on the table.


What I love about UCOOK

Moving from a dual to a single income household meant that I needed to clamp down a bit on the monthly expenses. At a time when the country is in a recession and just about everything is being hiked up, the UCOOK service is value for money like nothing else.


Meal plans are completely affordable and you are not obligated to continue the service, so if at any point you decide not to order your next box, simply pause your account.


Saving me a trip to the grocery store en-route home after a long day means that I have more time to spend with the little one and that to me is priceless. I try to include as many organic ingredients into our diets as I can and, with UCOOK, only the best quality, free range and sustainably sourced produce is used. Seasonal locally ingredients, which is something I’m a big advocate of, means that the ingredients reach you like they were picked that very morning.


Review of the Moroccan chicken

The days of you eating bland, uninspired food are over. No matter your kitchen prowess, with UCOOK you’ll feel like a culinary whizz kid. Meals change every week and you have the option to choose from nine meals in three different categories. There is a strictly vegetarian option as well. The third meal I’d be trying was the Moroccan chicken. I love Middle-Eastern flavours and a little heat and could not wait to try this.


UCOOK saves you the hassle of preparing the chicken (SCORE) and the only chopping involved slicing up the carrots and coriander, which took all of four minutes. Chicken seasoned, the carrots needed a quick boil in the accompanying chicken stock. The dressing came together by mixing in the cumin seeds, coriander and a little of the garam masala spice mix.


Onto the crispy, spicy chickpeas. Into a hot pan they plopped, a generous plonk of the harissa paste and they sizzle for about fifteen minutes until they crisp up. Once done, they’re removed from the pan and the chicken gets a turn in the same pan. An uncomplicated step really. The carrots then get a thorough bashing and are spooned onto the plate.

My attempt at the Moroccan chicken (The baby marrows were not included in the UCOOK ingredients and I just sautéed a few in some butter to add some colour)

Every pungent flavour is distinguishable yet delicately balanced. I don’t know how but I certainly did not miss the carbs with this one. The crisp chickpeas probably helped and the meal was so satisfying.


What does it add up to?

If you were to cook this meal from scratch, sourcing your own ingredients, you would be paying R37.07 more. I’ll take that saving with open pockets and probably use it towards my fuel needs thanks.


UCOOK Moroccan chicken for two costs: R210.00


Ingredients from online store cost: R 247.07

Chicken strips 400g – R66.99

Garam masala – R23.99

Harissa paste – R39.99

Chickpeas – R23.99

Carrots 500g – R9.99

Coriander 30g – R9.99

Yoghurt – R9.99

Cumin seeds – R17.99

Chicken stock – R44.99


Be sure to check back in for reviews of more from the UCook SA menu in the following weeks.

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