Comrades Marathon winners Edward Mothibi and Gerda Steyn on their wins
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Comrades Marathon winners Edward Mothibi and Gerda Steyn on their wins

10 Jun 2019 SPORT

By Zuko Komisa

As usual, the 94th Comrades Marathon came with much fan-fare but presented surprising winners this year. A grueling race that saw many power their way through to the finish line.

Comrades Marathon winners, Gerda Steyn and Edward Mothibi were in conversation with David O’ Sullivan about this year’s race and their brilliant performances. Mothibi finished in 5:31:33 and Steyn finished in a record-breaking 5:58:53.

Nedbank Running Club athlete Edward Mothibi won R500 000 for his Comrades Marathon first prize win, money he says he will use to pay off his house. Speaking about his win, he says a win was the ultimate surprise.

“I just wanted to go after my back-to-back gold medal, that’s all I wanted. The preparation for the race is what helped with the results.”

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The top three male runners at the 2019 Comrades Marathon were:

1.Edward Mothibi (South Africa 5:31:33)

2.Bong’musa Mthembu (South Africa 5:31:58)

3.Nao Kazami (Japan, 5:39:16)

Listen to the full conversation here:

Gerda Steyn won R1.2m with her record-breaking run, this was for a first prize of R500,000 plus a R500,000 incentive for breaking the up-run record, this was 10 minutes faster than the 2004 record of Russian Elena Nurgalieva who came in at 6:09:23. Steyn also got R200,000 for bieng the first South African at the finish line.

Speaking to David O’Sullivan she said breaking the record wasn’t part of her plan that it became clear that it was within reach as she approached the second half of the race.

“After finishing second last year, I promised myself that I am going for the win, I wasn’t thinking about he record, it was only half-way through the race that i believed I was capable of it.”

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The top three female runners at this marathon were:

Gerda Steyn (South Africa 5:58:53)

Alexandra Morozova (Russia 6:17:40)

Caitriona Jennings (Ireland 6:24:12)


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