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Come upstairs this summer

2 Nov 2017 LIFESTYLE

By Nomali Cele

Tonight, 2 November 2017, will be your first chance to visit Upstairs At Mesh a space brought to you by MESH in partnership with Kaya FM, True Design and MOMO the Magazine. Upstairs At Mesh is an invitation for us Afropolitans to come out this summer and enjoy music, art, fashion, design and so much more than the city has to offer.



MESH boasts some of the best facilities for entrepreneurs on the continent. What started as a members-only club for meeting, connecting and working has expanded to house Upstairs At MESH, an exciting new venue in Johannesburg where you can go to have a cultural experience that ranges from events and fine arts to film and music. Aways with good food and music sprinkled on top.


MOMO the Magazine is an extension of Gallery MOMO and is concerned with bringing African art to the fore. MOMO the Magazine will curate the art that’s displayed at Upstairs At Mesh as a part of their CULTURE LAB initiative. Upstairs at MESH is not only a space but incubator where conversations and idea exchanges happen.

First up is an exhibition of Khaya Witbooi’s works.


True Design have designed and decorated the Upstairs At Mesh space with beautiful, modern furniture while leaving enough room for the art to breathe. The space has been designed in a way that you enjoy your visit whether sitting on the balcony with a drink or standing in the main space having a discussion.


Not to toot the Kaya FM horn but we know our music. Kaya FM accepted the invitation to curate the soundtrack of your summer days spent at Up Stairs At MESH. From playlists to live performances, live mixes and more, we’ve got you covered.

So, what is Upstairs At MESH? Expect talks, more exhibitions, live music sessions, screenings and more.

The question to ask yourself if you’re debating whether you should come upstairs is: Why go anywhere else when you can get all your culture interests catered to all under one roof at Upstairs At MESH?

Come to Upstairs at MESH tonight to view the works by artist Khaya Witbooi currently on display. Tweet us this summer and share your experiences using #UpstairsAtMesh

Photos courtesy of MESH

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