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Celebrate your child’s milestones – Part 1

26 Mar 2018 FAMILY

By: Natasha Archary 


Parenting presents so many firsts for both parents and little ones. Whether it’s your first child of fifth, the milestones they reach are always worth celebrating. Many firsts are worthy of an Instagram post or two but there are the major milestones that deserve a bigger celebration. Here are some creative ways to celebrate your child’s milestones:

  • Start a “Baby’s firsts album”

From the moment baby is born, the natural instinct is that every toothless grin, burp, poopy expression and milk-drunk moment needs to be captured. And so it should. It will make the most treasured keepsake for the teenager or adult who’s every waking moment was captured and lovingly saved.

  • The first hair cut

Some milestones are for both parents and baby, the first haircut is just that. It’s an emotional one as well, with many mommies and daddies revealing that this moment gave them all the feels. Save the first lock cut from baby’s tresses in a little plastic pocket. You could eternalise it by framing it and hanging it up on a memory wall in your home.



  • The first time baby sits

Being a parent means having your phone or camera on hand to capture priceless moments as and when they happen. It’s a must. Timing is everything, so the moment you sense it’s going to happen, start the video or picture roll. These moments are worth storing in digital world, forever.


  • The first tumble

Naturally, you want to protect those precious angels with your entire being but they will fall, stumble, get bruises and get back up every time. It’s worth celebrating their first booboos, which are often more traumatising for mom than baby. Celebrate this milestone with a comforting snuggle and kiss the hurt away. It’s almost a given that this will be the go-to remedy whenever the little one falls and grazes a chubby knee.


  • The first tooth

Nothing is cuter than a gummy smile with a few milk teeth popping through. Your baby is growing and it’s a mark of a great parent that this happens with as much comfort as possible for the brave toothy soldier. Celebrate this milestone by starting a before and after digital picture book, which can later be printed into memento brochure, gifted to your child on his/her sixteenth birthday.


Over the next few months, we’ll be bringing you a series of milestone posts. Part two will bring you more creative ways to celebrate your child’s milestones. We’ll be including tips for working moms who may miss some of these incredible moments too.


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