Festive Season Travel Tips For Safely Carpooling This December

Cut costs and carpool to your holiday destination

1 Dec 2020 LIFESTYLE

By: Lifestyle Reporter


Travel costs can take a chunk out of your budget and with the uncertain economic times  this year – due to COVID-19 – carpooling to your holiday destination makes financial sense. Here’s what to consider before you do.


Cover-19 regulations

The good news is, travel is permitted again. The stifling news is that, travelling right now, feels restrictive. But regulations need to be adhered to. Ensure that temperature checks are done before you embark on your holiday carpool. Keep a bottle of sanitiser and wipes on hand and make sure everyone is wearing a mask.

Read more about travel regulations.

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Safety first

This applies to both those who will be driving or are looking to hitch a ride to their festive season destination. The easiest way to find reliable people to carpool to your festive season destination, would be to first reach out to your network and community.

Does anyone know someone who’s going on holiday close to where you are? Are you in the same city and in touch with people from your hometown? Are they heading home and looking for a lift or a passenger?


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Check social media groups

There are Facebook groups dedicated to connecting people who have shared interests. So, finding a group where there are fellow carpool enthusiasts should not be a problem.

Just be mindful of divulging too much information and verify the person as much as you can, to give peace of mind. Ask for a copy of their I.D, home address and place of work.  We are aware of the dangers and this information will need to be passed onto your close friends and family, so they know where to look in case of an emergency.


Find fellow car enthusiasts 

Another way to find a safe/r carpool buddy, is to look at fellow petrol-heads. Car brands have a loyal fanbase and perhaps you can set up a meeting at a verified ride or show day.

The other point to consider is whether you can split the driver duties. If the other person is okay with you driving their car and all details on the insurance and excess are agreed on, it could help make the drive easier.


Set the rules early

Don’t make any sudden changes to the plan. If you’ve set when and where you are going to meet with your fellow travellers, a sudden change could be inconvenient. Especially if you are travelling with people you don’t know.


We’ve had a fair amount of wet weather lately, if you are driving to your favourite part of our country this December, take heed on the roads and be responsible.


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