Can you tell if he’s about to pop the question?

Popping the question

Can you tell if he’s about to pop the question?

17 Apr 2019 LIFESTYLE

By: Natasha Archary


You think you know your partner like the back of your hand. But men still have the element of surprise down like an art. Well some do. Like when it comes to popping the question. Many women swear they could not see it coming.


Are there tell-tale signs that men give out when they’re about to ask you to be their wife?


On bended knee

Research suggests that men are capable of keeping a secret better than their female partners. With just over 37% of men admitting to keeping a secret from their spouse or girlfriend at some point in their relationship.


With so many men pulling off elaborate proposals, this must mean their secret keeping abilities are tested to the core. The question many women find themselves facing is, will I know if he’s going to pop the question?


Before a man makes the decision to bend the knee (a nod to the final season of Game of Thrones) there are a few not so subtle cues he may give away. Intentionally or not. Many women only piece it all together after the proposal, linking his nervous energy and accidental slips to the bigger picture.

Popping the question
What are the signs

This is probably one of the most stressful situations for men in a relationship. Many don’t even know what to do or how to go about it. Chances are there will many obvious nervous slips or he could be completely calm and you’d never suspect a thing.


Tracey Cox, a relationship and sex expert with the Daily Mail, says there are 22 signs women can be on the lookout for. A study found that 81% of the men who were surveyed said they decided to get married because they felt it was time to settle down.


We don’t agree with all of 22 but here a few that may be a good indicator that he’s about to ask you to be his and only his for all eternity.


You have lived together for a few years and he has brought up the topic of marriage with you directly or indirectly.

(Applies even if you have not lived together) Men usually have the marriage discussion to gauge a woman’s interest in being married to them. Talk will include children, where they would like to live i.e. dream house or area, and any future travel plans.

You notice your passport or I.D is missing.

If a destination proposal is what you envision and he is aware of this, then he may want to pull it off without your knowledge and surprise you with that trip to Zanzibar or Bali. The Cape and KZN also has stunning beach locations to pop the question at sunset and if you can’t find your ID and it magically appears, we’re suggest a manicure every month just in case.

He asks to speak to your father (uncle or father figure) alone during dinner.

Men who are traditionalists will want nothing more than to do the right thing and speak to your father about his intentions to marry you. There may also be whispers of lobola negotiations on the horizon.

You’re a near perfect match.

You share similar views about children, the future, religion, politics, lifestyle and have similar goals and interests. You have lives outside each other but your lives seem to find common ground effortlessly.

Marriage proposals
You’ve talked about marriage and your dream wedding but have never pushed him into a corner and demanded it.

Men love an assertive woman but this is not the same as a controlling partner who dictates when and how things happen. It will happen when he’s ready to make it happen.

There’s now a strict budget he’s not deviating from.

Of course, this one is a little on the fence. Men implement budgets because of many reasons today, including inflation, cost of living in the country, petrol hikes, another family on the side you don’t know about, or because he needs to save up for that dream rock you have your heart set on.

He asks you about your plans three months from now.

Proposals take months of planning. If he has a date in mind, (he’s not just going to spring this on you without any hint) he’ll likely ask if you’re available to accompany him to this location, on that date, at whichever time.

Men know this is a special moment for the woman in their lives and he will either suggest you spoil yourself with a mani and pedi.

Or book you in at a spa to get your glam on. So, when he does drop down on one knee, and slides that ring on your finger, it will be on a perfectly manicured nail bed.

There’s a dinner date at your favourite restaurant which you’ve always wanted to eat at, but this place has always been way out of your budgets.

Now, suddenly there’s the waiter bringing you your options for a three-course meal and an expensive bottle of bubbly.

Your family seem a little more invested in your relationship with your partner.

Chances are he would have told them not to tell you anything but will have relayed just enough information to your parents or close friend or family member. He would need some help to pull this off without you suspecting anything. And if the family seem a little too invested in what your plans are for every weekend until the end of the year, something’s up.


It’s not scientific and there may be a few we’ve missed but these are some of the signs a man gives when he’s about to pop the question.


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