BOLON Eyewear: Summer eyewear trends and shopping online for sunglasses
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BOLON Eyewear: Summer eyewear trends and shopping online for sunglasses


By Motlagae Konyana

Sunglasses are part of your outfit but keeping up with the trends can get difficult.  When it comes to sunglasses, there are two types of people in the world: Those who are happy with wearing the same pair and the same shape for years and those who have all the on-trend shapes and sizes.

We asked BOLON Eyewear to helps to stay on-trend this summer and to also share some  tips for shopping online sunglasses. Keep reading for your chance to win your very own pair!

What frames are your favorite at the moment?

I particularly like our new butterfly shape sunglasses “Beverly” (BL7056), fashionable and sophisticated at the same time, with the detail of the corner mirror lenses that makes it very special. Also it will be featured in the new advertising campaign with our muse Hailey Baldwin.

Do you have any tips for buying sunglasses online?

Sunglasses should cover the whole width of your face, regardless of the shape of your face.Find a frame that contrasts with the shape of your face. For example, if you have a round face, a rectangular or square frame would suit you more than a round frame.

What are some of the summer 2018-2019 must haves?

Colorful semi-transparent lenses (sunglasses)

Single-piece lens frame/Rimless like masks (sunglasses)

Oversized and Vintage for the optical frames

What is your take on the different eyewear trends, are they for everyone?  How does one still fit in with the trend and still look good considering the shape of their face?

BOLON Eyewear understands that each individual is different and hence, everyone has their personal style. We will continue to work on our designs, by understanding current trends with what our customers look for in their eyewear. The perfect fit for the face features is important and this is something that we are constantly working towards. Fashion comes and goes but style and comfort stays and for us is fundamental to always balance what is trendy with the best quality and comfort of wearing. Ultimately, we aim at everyone finding its own style in the BOLON collection.

What makes BOLON eyewear different from other eyewear brands? 

The perfect combination of 3 essential features:

1) Fashion – Redesigning classic styles by integrating refined modern details to ensure that every single design is a unique piece of art.

2) Craftsmanship – Dedicated to provide superior comfort for wearers, BOLON Eyewear uses premium materials and innovative advanced techniques to offer lightness and a perfect fit. With this combination of Fashion and Craftsmanship, BOLON Eyewear offers the right design to perfectly fit everyone’s style.

3) Accessibility – BOLON Eyewear offers the perfect combination of premium, fashionable design and high quality eyewear at an affordable price, trading up the eyewear offer in the mid-tier segment.

When does a pair of glasses become more than just, well, glasses? 

The designs for our optical frames are classic yet trendy, which allow wearers to match their dressing and everyday style easily.Being in-tuned with customers’ preferences, we also understand that some customers may treat optical frames as an accessory, in addition to its usual vision-correction function. Hence, we are replicating some of our sunglasses designs into our optical frames, so anyone can look stylish with his/her pair of BOLON Eyewear.

What is the biggest mistake people make when shopping for eyewear?

Wrong size

Poor fit

Comfort and lightness should always be priorities


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