Blaklez Releases "Dont Mind The BS" EP, Speaks to Kgomotso Meso
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Blaklez makes his first 2021 release

12 Jan 2021 MUSIC

Ahead of his much-anticipated EP, “Don’t Mind The BS” Cap City rapper, Blaklez, joined Kgomotso Meso on Elite Nites to talk about the project, his collaborators and what carried him through 2020.

“I just wanna set the tone in terms of where we should be going and how we should be thinking as a people,” Blaklez told Kgomotso during the “What’s New” feature on Elite Nites this past Friday.

The artist, whose rise was a mainstay fixture of South African music all through the 2010s, has had his fair share of positive and negative attention. But these days he’s sounding more serene and grounded.

“We escaped, we’re blessed to be here,” Blaklez told Kgomotso.

“”Don’t Mind The BS is whatever problems you have with people, whatever problems you have with everybody else […] don’t sweat it.”

“If you listen to “Smile Keepers”, it’s a build-up track. It’s one of those songs you can play in the car by yourself; maybe hosting people. And the production is absolutely top drawer.”

On his young collaborators

Key collaborators on the EP include artist and producer Thapelo Mashiane, DJ MgucciFab, and other Tshwane natives.

“I’m addicted to quality, I’m addicted to success so much I want to see other people shine. That inspires me.”

“Don’t Mind the BS”, an EP, was release on 12 January 2021 and features five tracks, which he describes as “really, really easy listening but top quality production”.

Listen below to Blaklez and Kgomotso Meso talking about his new EP