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Being the best you can be at work


By Motlagae Konyana

The year is going by so quickly; we are already almost done with the seventh month.  What have you achieved?  Have you achieved all your New Year’s Resolutions that you made on that drunken night? If not, all is not lost because you can still be the best you can be in 2018.

Often we are very enthusiastic about our work when we have just started at the new job however, after a couple of months into the job, you may relax and not be as excited as you may have been when you started.

Career coaches and experts advise against being too comfortable in the workplace as you will constantly have to prove that you deserver to be in your position, which can be exhausting.  Here are some of the ways in which you can be the best you can be in the work place.

Stay Current and relevant

Make sure that you are always in the know about new developments in your industry and company.  Read more and have meaningful conversations with your superiors and industry leaders.   Studying further will broaden your skills, helping you in the current job and in future roles.  You always need to be on your toes when it comes to your job otherwise you might find yourself out of job.  Stay relevant, with thefourth industrial revolution coming have you prepared for it? Is your role evolving?

Bring the results

Being reliable, honest and trustworthy is essential in any workplace.  If given a deadline, stick to it. If you have a reputation of not delivering that may count against you – however you need to deliver. Also be clear on what you can deliver and what you can’t to avoid not delivering.  Not delivering on time can tarnish your reputation and we don’t want that. Working hard and smart all the time will bring great results and can make you indispensable at work and in the team.

Be a team player

Working with a team is empowering as you get to share the different skills that the team may have and this could increase productivity. Create an environment where people want to learn from you.  As you help others grow, you become a leader yourself.

Be Mature

Maintaining good relations between you and your colleagues is imperative.  Being mature and emotionally intelligent keeps you level-headed and ensures you don’t get too emotional about work conflicts.  Emotional intelligence also helps in terms of expressing your views and ideas even if they are controversial.  If your behaviour is not mature, you need to work on your emotional skills in order to be able to handle any conflicts should they arise.

What are some of your tips to be the best at your work place?

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