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Beauty is pain and there’s beauty in everything


By: Natasha Archary 


She just wants to be beautiful. She goes unnoticed, she knows no limits. She craves attention. She praises an image, she prays to be. Sculpted by the sculptor.”

Alessia Cara – Scars to your beautiful (lyrics)


This song should be the anthem of self-love that every little girl is taught. Every woman should listen and learn the lyrics to. It’s a beautiful reminder that beauty, whilst defined by one’s outward appearance, is so much more than that.

Recently, Kendall Jenner – half sister to the more famous Kim Kardashian – attended the Golden Globes in solidarity with the All Black protest against sexual harassment in the Hollywood entertainment industry. The model looked stunning in her black evening gown but the online critics (who are these invisible judges of society) came at her hard for attending the awards ceremony with – wait for it – acne. On a night that should have been focused on for so much more than the superficiality of the world, Jenner was being attacked for choosing to attend an event whilst having a breakout.

Sure, let’s just sweep sexual assualt and harassment under the red carpet for a moment and focus on a 22-year-old celebrity’s imperfections. News of Kendall’ s less than flawless skin made headlines globally. Murder, rape, sexual assualt, Donald Trump and our current President’s fate in office, all took a back-seat as a few pimples on a celebrities face were clearly more important.

It’s easy to forget that behind the makeup, picture editing software, Instagram filters and good lighting that celebrities are human too. And it just so happens that Jenner, like many other men and women, suffer from the oh-so-human condition known as acne. The starlet has made no secret of her struggle with the skin condition, talking about her treatments and daily battle to cover up her breakouts and pigmentation on the family reality show. The star once broke down revealing how having acne ruined her self-esteem and made her feel so unattractive. She once felt she could not achieve the standard of beauty that A-list Hollywood stars strive for.

However, Jenner’s response to internet trolls who tried to break her down was simple yet effective, “Don’t let that $#.. stop you!” She’s come a long way from conscious teenager to a woman who is indeed comfortable in her own skin. In a world full of surface level followers and objectification, Jenner’s message was refreshing and welcome.

Every human being on the face of the earth has something that is holding them back from believing they are beautiful as they are. Too short, too tall, too skinny, too chubby, cellulite, stretchmarks, saggy breasts. Pick your poison. From features we hate, to body parts we wish could be photoshopped in reality, we’re all so focused on this “imperfection” that we fail to see the beauty in it.

For all the insecurities we have about our phyiscal appearances, there is bound to be a story behind each scar, each stretchmark, every pore we try to cover up and mask from the world. There’s beauty in the pain we carry with each personal obstacle. There’s beauty in everything.

For the mother who birthed beautiful children, those tiger stripes are a daily reminder of your strength, pain threshold and the length you would go to for your children. To the young girl who is starving herself in order to fit into those jeans by date night, if he can’t love every inch of you, he doesn’t deserve you. To anyone with an insecurity, take back the power and own the very thing that makes you stand out from the rest. True beauty can be found beneath the surface level stuff!

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