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bassline live, the soil performance

Bassline Live: Where Freshlyground and The Soil met

10 Oct 2018 MUSIC

By Nomali Cele

bassline live, the soil performance

This past Saturday, Afropolitans got a Folktober treat at Bassline Live Two of the most authentically South African bands joined forces for Bassline Live at the Lyric Theatre. The Soil is no stranger to Bassline devotees, they performed another sold-out show at the same venue in 2017

Freshlyground, whose music was one of the soundtracks of the South African democracy’s adolescent years, has been an institution in the local muse scene for nearly 15 years. Not to mention the international performances. With their style fusing many African music styles, the band

The Soil, with their acapella music, has been one of the most famous acts on the mainstream music industry for about 10 years — and a little longer on the underground. They are unapologetic in the ways they pay homage to an era long gone; there was no mistaking the Kofifi influence in their sound and style.

Taking to the Bassline Live stage, both The Soil and Freshlyground brought their best — the things that make them who they are. In the case of The Soil, the human bass was transcendent (and chilling in places).  Opening with an extended rendition of their beloved hit “Celebrate Humanity”, to thunderous applause, the acapella trio left the Bassline Live audience begging for more.

When it was their turn to get on the stage, Freshlyground kept the audience singing along and swaying. The band has been known as much for the lyrics and vocals as the instruments, showed off. One of the band members played upward of three instruments, changing with each song. A highlight of the Freshlyground set was a performance of their downtempo classic, “Nomvula”.

The Soil returned to the stage for a performance of their collaboration with Freshlyground, “Mna Nalamagenge”:

The night closed with an encore performance from Freshlyground doing the audience favourite “I’d Like” and their 201 World Cup official anthem, which had been requested earlier. This edition of Bassline Live at The Lyric Theatre proved once again why Bassline will always be an important part of how live music happens in Johannesburg.


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