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Bafana Bafana deserve to be called Mabena


By Admire Maluleke

The phrase Mabena came after a video from military training with someone called Mabena faulting each task he was given. This grew into a social media meme where people started referring to anyone who fails a task as “Mabena”. So, Bafana Bafana managed to win one of three matches and lost two from their group.

Losing was not a problem for South African soccer lovers, but how they were losing became a problem. Bafana Bafana players did not show dedication and a willingness to put their country flag on the map. Their poor performance led to them being referred to as Mabena Mabena. The Mabena meme set Twitter ablaze after the team lost their first and last match against Ivory Coast and Morocco respectively.

With the new Afcon rules that stipulate that best third proceeds to the last 16,  Bafana Bafana snuck to the knockout stages and they are set to face the host nation Egypt.

The South African Football Association (SAFA) gave each player over R320 000 for sneaking to the last 16, I do not believe they do not deserve it. I think that should have been invested towards building the future team of our country.

I am still not convinced that they will win their  game against Egypt because of their poor performance. We are going to be emotionally abused one more time, looking at how they perform compared with Egypt’s on-form performance. There is no way Bafana Bafana is going to come back alive. I think they should just book the first flight ticket that will leave Cairo after their game on Saturday night.

I think one of the reasons Bafana is underperforming is using old players. Most of the players within the national squad are between the ages of 29 and 30. Other teams like Mali, Senegal, Angola to name a few, use players who are under 23 who are still strong physically and mentally.

They should just go back to the drawing board, try to recruit young players and get rid of the old age.


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