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Autumn fashion: Do’s and don’ts


By: Natasha Archary


As the temperature drops, fashion becomes hotter. There’s nothing better than Autumn colours and cool evenings snuggled up in front of the TV with a mug of hot chocolate. While we do know fashion is subjective and one person’s trends is another’s fashion faux pas, there are a few major do’s and don’ts when it comes to Autumn-wear.


Here’s a quick guide to being a trendsetter this season:


  • Layers

Probably the easiest look to pull off is the layered, preppy look. This is where different lengths and cuts are paired together. Think vests, under a buttoned-down plaid shirt, under a ¾ sleeve jacket. This rule works for bottoms as well, denim shorts worn over leggings, mini skirts over coloured pantyhose. When it comes to layers however, choose either the top half or bottom half to be layered. You should never layer from head to toe – overkill.


  • Accessories

The Autumn colour palette works for every skin tone. Its neutral-based hues are perfect to accentuate every woman’s features and enhance key areas of the body. Depending on what the accessories are, you should aim to include one key colour from the season per look. This season’s must-have colours include deep purples, mustard-yellow, olive-green, turquoise and coral. Nudes will always be on-trend and they replace every girl’s go-to: black. So instead of a black heel, choose a killer nude wedge ankle boot to elevate your Autumn wardrobe.


  • Oversize sweaters

It’s so easy to forego the gym during the colder months and indulge in some comfort food to warm body and soul. It’s forgiven. Your clothes may hug you a little tighter but your joy for food should not have to be compromised. Oversized sweaters are perfect for the days your jeans protest or you’re just going through one of those dreaded bloated days. They hide EVERYTHING while giving you a polished look effortlessly. Skinny girls can also pull off the look by accentuating their waists with a broad faux leather belt.


  • Overkill

Yes it’s cooler now but we’re not in full blown Winter yet so there’s no need to pack on the woolies from head to mittens. In Autumn, you just need one statement piece per look. With knit-wear, choose your item carefully, either a light knit scarf or beanie or leg warmers. The aim is to look cute not like you put yourself together in grandma’s knitting room. It’s also too early to break out the fingerless gloves, so save those for next season.


  • Put the peep toes away

Ladies, we love a gorgeous peep-toe heel but Autumn is not the season to flaunt your perfect pedicures. It’s officially time to break out the office pumps, ankle boots, knee-length boots and closed wedges. Your fashion sense needs to change with the season and because Autumn tends to bring with it unexpected rain storms, you want to look put together and prepared. Always put your best foot forward with your choice of shoes.


  • Jewellry

It’s okay to leave the jewellry out in Autumn looks. Your accessories this season should be in scarves, jackets, belts and boots. If you wear your hair up, you could rock braided ear-rings which are all the rage right now but nothing too hectic. The longer they are the more impractical, especially for working moms. They pose a major risk with tantrum-producing toddlers.


  • Denims

With many companies banning ripped denims from the workplace, Autumn presents a fun way to pull off the ripped jean look without breaking office dress codes. Pair distressed denims over thick leggings. It gives you the edgy look you want to achieve without coming across as a rule breaker. Skinny jeans can be worn with knee length or ankle length boots and you could also opt for cosy knitted leg warmers if ripped jeans aren’t your thing.


  • Experiment

Change up your look this season. If a neutral makeup palette is your go-to everyday look then switch it up by going for a more dramatic lip or eyes. As with colour palettes for clothes, this season’s hot makeup and nails consist of corals, nudes, deep burgundy, bright orange and rust. Matte is still a preferred trend, but this doesn’t mean you have to stick to it. If gloss is more your thing, then girl do you. The edgier your makeup look this season, the trendier you are.


When it comes to fashion, the list is endless but use this as a guide this Autumn and you will not only turn heads but your Insta stories will look great too.


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