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Assessing your 2017 business goals

15 Nov 2017 FINANCE

By Nomali Cele

With the year coming to a close, it’s that inevitable time to assess how the year has gone so far and where we are with our goals. It’s no different in business. With each passing year, it’s an opportunity for a business owner to get closer to their goals.


Growth is a natural goal to make for a business. Be it profit growth or team growth, it shows that the business is making progress.

What to keep in mind when assessing your 2017 business goals

 The country has been having a difficult couple of years when it comes to economic growth. It’s likely that most business owners will have set goals with an optimistic outlook. The climate is in such a state that surely any growth is positive so keeping this in mind as you assess your business growth goals is important.


New Business

New business is the number way that can lead to a business attaining its growth goal. Getting a new client or contract should lead to making more profit, which would eventually lead to a growth in human capital. But it’s not always the case.

What to keep in mind when assessing your 2017 new business goals

When you assess this business goal, ask yourself if the new business you have gotten in the year has done what you expected it to do for your business. In some instances, new business can lead to a loss for your business, which is why it’s important to approach each new contract


Skills Development

What’s one way to attain new business? Diversifying your skills and what the business can offer. A upskilled workforce can take on a different kind of work, which, depending on your industry, can lead to more opportunities.

What to keep in mind when assessing your 2017 skills development goals

Now that you’ve spent the year investing in skills development, this is the time to assess whether the investment was worth it. You won’t know whether a conference and course will give you the development you need until you’ve paid for it. This is where skills development can be a bad investment which can lead to losses

Regardless of what your business goals were in 2017, it’s important to assess them and plot a way forward and new strategies to attain the goals.


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