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Are whatsapp support groups the real way to go when you need advice?

28 Nov 2017 LIFESTYLE

By Zuko Komisa

A group of friends isn’t always together at the exact moment they need each other’s counsel and support especially when an unexpected life moment occurs. I recently discovered that there exists the growing trend of WhatsApp support groups, a group of friends on standby when you need help.

There are many reasons why this idea works, but there are also other reasons it could be not such a good idea. Some of the worst advice can be received through on Whatsapp from well-intentioned friends who are ill-informed about-about the full picture of your situation, so be mindful of that.

A classic example would be “Live every day like it’s your last.”  Don’t do that, it’s reckless and not very smart. Another example; bad advice that sounds good: ‘follow your passion.’ Good advice that sounds bad: ‘solve a real problem’  Either way you will have to decide which advice you take.

Like most support groups, WhatsApp support groups can help when you are:

– Lonely, cut-off and feeling misunderstood

– In need of empowerment and motivation

– In need of support to cope or want help with a course of action to take.

– In need of venting, when you want someone to listen.

– Calling on your friends for a get-up and go thought

– Faced with an unfamiliar situation

–  Wanting to share a special moment when it happens.

The joys of having a WhatsApp support group include getting practical advice on pretty much everything, comparing experiences to make informed decisions.

So if you are not in a WhatsApp support group already, what are you waiting for?

PS: You will need an admin – The art of being a professional administrator requires attention to detail and discretion, you will need to update the cover photo, remove and introduce new people to the group. One last thing, you will need rules of engagement, allow everyone involved to get the support they need.