Alleged plot against Cyril Ramaphosa remains a mystery

Alleged plot against Cyril Ramaphosa, A scramble to explain secret meeting

Alleged plot against Cyril Ramaphosa remains a mystery


By Mpumelelo Mkhabela

Why has there been a scramble to explain the meeting in Durban

between ANC secretary general Ace Magashule, former president Jacob Zuma, ANC Women’s League secretary-general Meokgo Matuba and ANC Youth League KwaZulu-Natal secretary Thanduxolo Sabelo? Alleged plot against Cyril Ramaphosa continues to remains a mystery. 
The meeting and the contradictory explanations are a function of the underlying problem of factional ANC politics. There are those who are still stuck in the pre-Nasrec mold. At the center of the controversy is Magashule who is conflicted. As secretary-general, he is expected to be above factions.
But he uses his position to pursue something contrary to what his position enjoins him to. His personal interests and the position he holds are seemingly irreconcilable.
Alleged plot against Cyril Ramaphosa, A scramble to explain secret meeting
ANC members, like the five leaders mentioned, have a right to meet and discuss organizational issues. So why there’s a denial that the meeting took place and does the ANC have to know every meeting that takes place? 
The ANC — or a component of it — is denying knowledge of the meeting; it doesn’t deny that it took place. It was not an official meeting. But the status of the people involved dictates that the ANC should ideally have known about it.
This explains why ANC spokesmen Pule Mabe and Zizi Kodwa contradicted each other.
Mabe spoke in a manner favorable to Magashule by attacking the Sunday Times journalists who wrote the story. Kodwa, on the other hand, said the ANC would need clarity from the people who allegedly attended the meeting.
The former approach suits Magashule who knows it would be embarrassing for a secretary general who should unite the party to be caught pursuing factional interests.
For as long as some ANC leaders are stuck in the pre-54th conference lobby groups instead if transcending post-conference, we will hear more of clandestine meetings and plots. The best action would be for the ANC, using party resources and processes, to launch an investigation into the meeting.
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