Alexandra flash flood hero needs SA documentation

Alexandra flash flood hero needs SA documentation


By The Breakfast Team

South Africans on social media are calling for a man who rescued a child from the Jukskei River to be hailed as a hero and called for the South Africa government to grant permanent residency.

The Department of Home Affairs’ Siya Qoza says the department will help Cosa within the ambit of the law.  He spoke David O’Sullivan on Kaya FM.

Alexandra flash flood hero needs SA documentation

In a video that went viral on social media, Vincent Cosa is seen walking from one side of a pipe that crosses the overflowing river to reach a distraught child sitting right in the middle of the pipe. The man grabs the child and, carrying him, slowly makes his way back to dry ground.

Vincent Cosa not only risked his life rescuing a boy stuck halfway in a pipe over the furious Jukskei River in Alexandra township in Johannesburg, but later stood up for him when his parents wanted to give him a hiding.

Cosa spoke to Kaya FM’s Mbali Dlamini explaining what motivated him to save the child:



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