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“African mother” memes for mother’s day and Africa month

11 May 2018 KAYA VOICES

By Nomali Cele

African mother memes are some of the best content on the internet.

The internet has done many great things for the African diaspora. From connecting us and making us realise we share many cultural similarities and giving us “Black Twitter”; to facilitating West Africa’s jollof wars. The internet has also allowed Africans to find and amplify our voices. But when you are on the internet long enough, you end up thinking “were we all raised by the same mother?” African mothers and black mothers in the diaspora seemingly tell the same white lies too — just ask a few of your friends why they were not allowed to drive with the lights on in the car.

When Sunday Twitter gets talking about African mothers, the memes that come out of there are resonant and comforting ins their similarity. Here are a few African mother memes, see if you see your mum or any of the women who raised you in them.


Having children means never making a cup of tea in your life

Most African young mothers are already becoming African mother memes themselves, constantly stating that they cannot wait for their children to reach tea-making age.

Why get up to reach over to the coffee table to retrieve the remote control when you have a child who can walk from another room to do it for you?


Why keep a bible verse or chain blast to yourself when you can forward it through WhatsApp to every person you have ever met?

She’s always right

But she always looks out for you at the function


What are your favourite African mother memes? Share them with us using #KayaOnline

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