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adventure in the eastern cape, dunes in south africa, sandboarding in south africa

Five experiences that prove the Eastern Cape is the adventure province

21 Aug 2018 TRAVEL

By Nomali Cele

Last week we were invited by SA Tourism and the Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency to be part of a media tour of the Eastern Cape –- the adventure province. In a lead up to the media launch of Tourism Month 2018, which hosted Tourism Minister, Derek Hanekom,  we saw the province through new eyes. Even though we didn’t have the opportunity to watch as the sun rose in the Eastern most part of the world, most on the Eastern Cape’s beauty was did to require an imagination. Around every corner we turned, there was an adventure and a beautiful thrill. Landing in Port Elizabeth, we travelled the province, going where the adventure led.


Adventure in the Eastern Cape — Sandboarding on dunes in Sunday’s River

Did you also believe you have to go to Namibia to experience the magic of sand dunes? In Sunday’s River, we learnt that you don’t! Just a short boat ride away, dune boarding is a perfect activity for those with a child-like spirit. If you don’t mind falling a few times and getting sand all over yourself, the reward of perfectly surfing down a dune will be worth it.

adventure in the eastern cape, dunes in south africa, sandboarding in south africa

Adventure in the Eastern Cape — Bungee Jumping off the Bloukrans bridge

The iconic bridge will either elicit squeals of delight or visible fear in you. Known as the world’s highest commercial bungee bridge, the Bloukrans Bungy is one for the bucket list. At 216 meters high, the Bloukrans Bridge is one of those experiences you are guaranteed to remember for the rest of your life, even if you do end up getting cold feet and turning away at the last moment.

While most bungee jumpers are likely to be so preoccupied with the leap of faith they’are about to take that they end up missing the views, the Bloukrans Bungy is scenic. It is also said to be the highest commercial natural bungee jump in the world. Go for the adrenaline rush and stay for the views.


Adventure in the Eastern Cape — Quad biking in Tsitsikamma

The adventure isn’t only in just the fact that you’re on a small vehicle going fast; it’s also the scenery around you. From the forest to the cattle around, quad biking is an adventure you can experience only in the Eastern Cape. We did this experience in the early evening and then sunset was a marvel.

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Adventure in the Eastern Cape — Canoeing in Cape St Francis

When you get on the small boat and leave the docks to cruise down the Cape St Francis canals, it’s hard to imagine the experience getting better. But it does! After the cruise on the Kromme River, we arrived at a cabin that’s surrounded by water and forest. It was sunny but if you wanted to sit inside, there was a fire going.

Available activities that afternoon were a two-person canoe and single person paddle boards. The water levels were low, which made

Adventure in the Eastern Cape — Ziplining in Tsitsikamma

The Tsitsikamma canopy tour is every adrenaline junky’s dream. Unlike the bungee, which takes a split second, the tour is prolonged and takes up to three hours. Taking the canopy tour in Tsitsikamma isn’t just about ziplining, it’s a layered, unique experience that draws a lot from the surrounding area. If you love nature as much as you love adventure, the canopy tour offers a good balance.

The canopy tour isn’t for those of us who don’t enjoy heights. It has ten slides with the longest one measuring at 91 metres in length. Each slide ends on a platform constructed in the trees that is 30 meters high.

Finding adventure in the Eastern Cape is not hard when you know where to look — it is, after all, the adventure province. Tweet us with your favourite adventure experiences using #KayaOnline


Images Courtesy of ECPTA.

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