Acquire new skills through E-Learning Portals

Acquire new skills through e-learning portals

19 Jun 2018 EDUCATION

By Zuko Komisa

We can all agree on how important education is in shaping our society. With the statistics of unemployment continuing its downward spiral we need to begin to start using other avenues of acquiring knowladge at our disposal. This means we need to begin to embrace the power of the internet, and sharing of knowledge.

There are many portals that offer free online courses that can enhance which skills you wish to tap into. They have grown to be popular as more and more people are looking for convenient, portable learning options that allow them to study at their own pace.

For your convinience we have put together a list of online portals where you can expand your mind at the click of button.


  • Cousera — Coursera is a learning site offering courses from over 100 partners — top universities from over 20 countries, as well as non-university partners.
  • edX — The edX site offers free subject matter from top universities, colleges and schools from around the world, including MIT and Harvard, and many courses are “verified,” offering a certificate of completion for a nominal minimum fee.
  • Open Yale Courses — Open Yale Courses (OYC) are free, open access, non-credit introductory courses recorded in Yale College’s classroom and available online in a number of digital formats.


  • Stanford Online — Stanford Online is a collection of free courses billed as “for anyone, anywhere, anytime” and which includes a wide array of topics.
  • NovoEd — NovoEd claims a range of mostly free “courses from thought leaders and distinguished professors from top universities,” and makes it possible for today’s participants to be tomorrow’s mentors in future courses.
  • creativeLIVE — CreativeLive has an interesting approach to workshops on creative and lifestyle topics (photography, art, music, design, people skills, entreprenurship, etc.)
  • Do It Yourself — Do It Yourself (DIY) focuses on how-tos primarily for home improvement, with the occasional tips on lifestyle and crafts topics.
  • University of the People — University of the People offers tuition-free online courses, with relatively small fees required only for certified degree programs (exam and processing fees).
  • HOW Design University — How Design University (How U) offers free and paid online lessons on graphic and interactive design.
  • Memrise — Lessons on the Memrise (sounds like “memorize”) site include languages and other topics, and are presented on the principle that knowledge can be learned with gamification techniques.