Achieve Your Goals! Tips For Goals Success This New Year

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New year, new me: how to prepare to achieve your goals


By Nomali Cele

It’s hard to not become cynical in these times and one the things about which we’re most cynical as a culture, globally, is the attempt to change. We’re always rattling off statistics about how New Year’s resolutions are doomed to fail. “New year, new me,” is met with derision. If you’re one of those “goal-getting” people who always try each year, these three steps may be just what you need to achieve your goals.


How to achieve your goals tip 1: Create a vision board

It seems that, suddenly, everyone is at a social event meant to help them with goal-setting. I’ve seen the phrase “vision board party” more times than I can count. But from the look of things, vision board parties are exactly what some people need.

A vision board takes the idea of “resolutions” up a notch. Drawing from the idea of the law of attraction, a vision board is created with intention and visualises what you hope to achieve in the near future or long-term. With pictures and phrases, a vision board isn’t meant to be hidden away and forgotten. You display your board after you create it to remind you of all your intentions and goals.

What you need to make a vision board: a poster card, old magazines, scissors, glue and markets. Wine is optional.


How to achieve your goals tip 2: Get your 2018 diary ready

A diary is the number one tool for the organisation zealot. To the Afropolitan who’s all about planning their time and recording how they’ve spent their days and the lessons learnt, a digital calendar is cute for reminders but nothing beats pen and paper.

Bullet journals are currently a popular way of keeping track of your days. Bullet journals are the idea that your life shouldn’t separate so you can log appointments, to-do lists, write reflective entries and more. A diary is also a great way to track goals you’ve made and the steps you’ve taken to achieve them.

You can buy a notebook and DIY your 2018 journal or buy one that’s already designed with reflection in mind. Thembekile Stationery creates beautiful journals that will allow you to record and reflect.


thembekile stationery, how to bullet journal, achieve your goals

Image by Thembekile Stationery

How to achieve your goals tip 3: Create an accountability circle

“All resolutions will fail by the end of January.” Even as you make your own, you’re bound to have these thoughts at the back of your mind. But the new you you see yourself becoming this year deserves the effort and accountability. Why not rope a few friends to be part of your accountability circle.

New year, new me is a valid goal to have and a combination of these three actions might help you achieve your goals this year. Don’t let cynicism, whether internal or external, get you down.





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