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ABSA Business Instincts

21 Dec 2017 FINANCE

Business Instinct is a weekly look into the minds behind successful business ideas. Check in every Wednesday for a new episode of Business Instinct, where David chats to different business people about their journey to success. Get inspired, get informed, and get entertained as we talk to the best in business.

Business Instinct is brought to you by ABSA Business Banking. Do better business. Prosper.

What does Business Instinct mean to you? Business Instinct is something that comes from within. For some, it’s about entrepreneurship. For others, it may involve quick thinking. Business Instinct has a different meaning to everyone.

There’s agreement however that things get better, more exciting, and more fulfilling when you listen to your instinct. That’s because your instinct is seldom wrong. It is a feeling you get in your gut, and you just know it is right.

At Business Banking from Absa we are about giving business owners the right tools to run their businesses more efficiently. We encourage them to listen to their instinct, and act on it in order to do better business.