A Song, A Book and A Dish with Electoral Commission V.C. Mr. Terry Tselane

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A Song, A Book and A Dish with Electoral Commission V.C. Mr. Terry Tselane

15 March 2019 POLITICS

By Zuko Komisa

In this week’s installment of A Song, A Book and A Dish, John Perlman spent time with Electoral Commission Vice Chairperson Mr. Terry Tselane to talk about his journey, things and people that have influenced him, as well as his favorite food and books.  Tselane has established himself as one of the foremost leaders on democracy and electoral management given his vast experience in the election process in South Africa.

“I’ve been part of the election for over 20 years, I’ve done 4 national and provincial elections as well as 4 local government elections and a myriad of by by-elections over the years.”

Sharing his thoughts on how the elections will be run this year comparing it to other years.

“I think it is going to be a difficult election, particularly for those who are running the election. This will be due to the level of scrutiny exercised by political parties in the commission. That every political party wants to take advantage of the mishaps of other parties, therefore you are going to see pressure applied to those running the election.”

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He expressed his passion for education, his work with the University of Witwatersrand and his involvement in the Black Consciousness Movement that encourages the student in him to go back to school in 1986 when there were strong calls to declare that year a no-school year. The conversation touched on many aspects of his upbringing, moments he cherishes, and lessons that have shaped who is. Some of his favorited songs include the likes of Herbie Hancock feat Corine Bailey Rae, River.

What is Tselane currently reading? A book that he rates highly is by Peter Harris, In a Different Time, a book on the Delmas four. Tselane says that he loves the book so much that he has spoken to Peter Harris and pleaded with him to turn it into a film.

Listen to the full conversation here:

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