A quick guide to ease into a New Year routine

A quick guide to ease into a New Year routine

17 Jan 2019 LIFESTYLE

By: Natasha Archary 


Dusting off the mental cobwebs and getting back into the hustle of a new working year may not be high on your list of priorities. After weeks of sun-soaking leisure, it’s understandable. But dust them off you must, if a productive start to the year is the end game.  It’s never easy trading in the flip-flops and sundresses for office suits and stilettos, we know. Which is why we stress the importance of easing yourself into a routine.

Mentally prepare for the New Year 

It can be a real mood killer, thinking about your return to the office and all the responsibilities that it entails. After weeks binge watching your favorite series undisturbed, no one wants to trade that in for the holiday influx of unread emails and queries.

That’s a backlog of web junk we could all do without, thank you very much. Ease yourself into things. To mentally train your mind for the daily routine and fast pace you will be expected to perform at. Practice some deep breathing exercises to help you cope with any anxiety you may experience during this process.


Settle in at your own pace

The internet was not built in a day. In the same light, there’s only so much you can accomplish on the first day back, so try not to set too many major goals in the first week you return.


It’s going to take some time to adjust to full-on work mode, the aim is to get through one small task at a time. The first week is generally where most employees readjust to the workdays that lay in wait.


Start a bullet journal

Journaling is a great way to keep track of your days, tasks, moods, projects, accomplishments and failures.

New year routine

There are fantastic digital journaling apps available on the app store, for those of us who are more environmentally conscious. If however you prefer putting pen to paper, a journal could also help you manage your stress more effectively.

Bullet journals are a fun and creative way to jot down everything that’s important to you.

To do lists are everything

Well-oiled engine though you are, you’re human. Which means that mistakes are bound to happen. Even to the best of us. You can’t remember every menial task you need to get through every day.


From the kids’ schedules and all the social activities you need to fit in, it’s safer to pin down all your daily to-dos on a list. If you’ve taken up the idea of the bullet journal, your lists could be included here.


Keeping a digital version of your list will help you keep track of your goals on the move. Lists don’t have to be fancy, it’s more to train your mind to stick to the habit of noting it all down.


Keep it fresh

Clean living and work spaces help you focus. It’s not practical to work in a cluttered and messy space. According to the ancient Chinese, Feng Shui principles, there are key elements that one could include into the living and working environments to create harmony and balance energy.

Crystals and fresh plants with a water and fire element included can all help to create a naturally peaceful space for creativity to flow. Don’t expect too much on your return to the office after a break. You don’t want to lose the serenity you recently acquired so soon now do you?