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A perfect Panorama road trip

27 Mar 2019 TRAVEL

By Motlagae Konyana

Mpumalanga is well-known for its scenic beauty. It is east of South Africa bordering the nations of Swaziland and Mozambique.  Perhaps the most popular tourist attraction in the province, is the Kruger National Park.  South Africa is a stunning country with a lot of hidden gems, we explored Mpumalanga courtesy of South African Tourism – the place of the rising sun, what a beauty. 

A road trip through the Panorama route is breathtaking and takes you on an emotional drive through the beautiful gems that our country possesses. Our first stop was Graskop that is in close proximity to the famous stunning God’s Window. 

  • Gods Window’s is absolutely stunning when the weather is clear and sunny; its sheer natural beauty contained in one view. This view is Godly and so serene, if you are religious it brings you closer to your higher power.  In this one view,  You will be able to view the magnificent Blyde River Canyon. Uniquely located North of Graskop, while standing at this view point you get a beautiful view of the panoramic lowveld. 
  • The crowning jewel, and one of our favourites, the Three Rondavels, also known as the Three Sisters and sometimes referred to as “The Chief and Three Wives”, are reminiscent of three round native traditional huts. They offer a stunning view of the edge of the Blyde River Canyon.  The view from The Rondavels lookout point is widely considered finest in South Africa, their distinctive shapes are the result of erosion.  
  • Bourke’s Luck Potholes are natural rock formations that developed over millions of years due to the churning whirlpools that meet between the Treur and Blyde “Happy” rivers. The stunning view of the rock formations is a tourist attraction hence pathways and bridges have been constructed, allowing visitors to view and experience the potholes. 

  • Mpumalanga has a lot of breathtaking waterfalls, we travelled to Lone Creek Falls.  The drive to Lone Creek Waterfall is an experience in its own.  Experiencing the water droplets from the waterfall on our faces – how majestic.  Hearing the water flow is a beautiful noise.  
Massive red cliff face contrasts with bright green moss and ferns at Lone Creek Falls

What a beautiful drive around Mpumalanga, looking for the hidden gems that our country has.  A perfect time to visit and experience the Panorama is best if the weather is sunny and misty as well, as some of the views are stunning when sunny while others are beautiful when it is misty.

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