A celebration of #Folktober on The World Show with Nicky B
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A celebration of #Folktober on The World Show with Nicky B

19 Oct 2020 MUSIC

By Zuko Komisa 

Folk tales evolve with time. Sometimes for relevance to an era… A modern twist… at times just to add a bit of a tang to the narrative. This folktober Kaya FM  is exploring an urban spin on tales of the past… We are unravelling stories of today and discovering folktales of tomorrow. The World Show has over the last 3 week speaking to giants in the Folk  music space.

A celebration of their music and contribution to the rich heritage of South African music.

One of SA’s greatest living musical stars, Caiphus Semenya. Since the ’60’s, this legendary composer and musician has made a huge impact – working extensively with his wife, Letta Mbulu. He has just re-issued two significant albums:His debut album of 1982, ’Listen To The Wind’ and his second solo LP, ’Streams Today… Rivers Tomorrow’ originally released in 1984.

A Folk-infused musical feature…and a very special guest – the internationally acclaimed, legendary activist and singer-songwriter known as “The Voice” Vusi Mahlasela will be joining us to talk about his latest release ‘Shebeen Queen’, a jubilant and traditional, LIVE album dedicated to his late grandmother Ida. As the owner of a popular tavern in Mamelodi, she earned the nickname “Shebeen Queen” and it was there that Vusi was exposed to musicians and was inspired to build his first oil can guitar!


Mbuso, will be joined us us to talk about the value of indigenous music and to discuss his upcoming shows ‘An Evening of Folklore’ on 30th and 31st October at the The South African State Theatre.