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8 ways to keep your vulvar happy


By Motlagae Konyana

There have been a number of intriguing and strange trends from everyone in terms of taking care of your vagina.   Women across the world have heard different and bizarre remedies to keep their vaginas happy. This might have you feeling a bit overwhelmed about which remedy is the right one or a misleading one. Here is what you can actually do to take better care of your vagina?

Your vagina could be harmed by some things you do unintentionally. Here are 8 healthy habits to keep your lady parts happy


  1. Goodbye to douching
    You need to stop douching. The vagina cleans itself — so you don’t need to flush it out with water or vinegar or any other fluids.  The douching often does more harm than good. Douching can kill the good bacteria. “The vagina is a self-cleaning organ No need for intimate washes water works!” says  Dr Sindi van Zyl.
  2. Use gentle soaps without fragrances
    Harsh, scented soaps can cause irritation on the vulva, it is the most sensitive tissue in the body. Use less perfumes and chemicals. Some women may have a fishy smell and may want to use bizarre remedies to try and remove the smell.  Dr Sindi van Zyl says that fishy smell is caused by Bacterial Vaginosis BV. It is an infection. We have been socialized to believe that vaginas should be “fresh and clean”. Use a mild soap (such as Sunlight – green bar) for washing underclothes. Avoid fabric softeners (including dryer sheets) and detergents with enzymes 
  3. Cotton, Cotton all the way
    Cotton underwear is the best to keep your lady parts happy.  Cotton allows air to circulate.  Circulating air to your vagina is important, which is why the material of the underwear or gym tights you choose to wear must be breathable and cotton is your boss in this. Avoid wearing thongs, avoid wearing nylon, or other manmade fibers if you have delicate skin or are prone to vulvar irritation. Don’t overuse antibiotics.
  4. Unnecessary antibiotic use can significantly reduce your vaginal health.
    Antibiotics don’t discriminate—they kill off both good and bad bacteria, which can then change the healthy bacteria in your vagina, causing yeast and other infections to grow.
  5. Are you itchy
    There are a lot of reasons your vulva might itch, whether you may have used scented soap or had sex recently, and you’re experiencing some vaginal dryness. But when your genitals itch, scratching it is not the answer, because you’ll wind up developing a scratch-itch which might cause more damage to your vulva.  Visit your gynecologist try not to self medicate.
  6. Visit your Gynecologist regularly
    Have current health screenings, and see your gynecologist for routine care. Remember that screening intervals for pap smears change based upon your age and pap smear results.
  7. Stop rubbing your vulva to death with a towel when drying off
    Do not vigorously rub a towel back and forth down there — it’s probably too much for the delicate vulvar tissue. All you need to do is gently pat the area dry with a clean towel.
  8. Stay away from fragranced pads and tampons.
    Menstrual blood doesn’t need to smell a certain way or be masked by scents. Fragranced pads and tampons are full of harsh perfumes that you definitely don’t want near your sensitive vulvar tissue or your pH-balanced vagina. Scented tampons can disrupt things in the vagina and cause irritation or an allergic reaction, so stick with the fragrance-free products.

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