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Accenture innovation index conference – Ignite Ingenuity

28 Dec 2017 TECH

By Motlagae Konyana

Accenture South Africa held its 4th annual Innovation Conference 2017 it was a fantastic opportunity to engage with the world’s leading digital innovators on market-ready concepts and disruptive business insights. The conference is fast becoming one of the highlights of the business calendar, where extremely useful insights on the levels of innovation in the country are highlighted – including areas of improvement – but also where the best companies can be rewarded for being true innovation champions.

Chief Executive Officer for Accenture South Africa and chairman for Accenture Africa, William Mzimba said South Africa’s substandard innovation ranking is not optimal for economic growth and that South African companies needs to pull up their socks and keep up with the world and technology.

The index suggests that South African companies are not spending their allocated budgets on innovation due to economic uncertainties and constraints. On average, companies are putting aside 45 percent of their annual revenue for innovation developments, yet actual spending is cautious and conservative at 36 percent.

“In South Africa, we not doing very well from an innovation point of view, our research indicates when we take the G20 countries that we rank way behind in terms of our platform readiness index ranking,” said Mzimba. He urged policy makers or influencers to ensure that policies are written in favor of innovation in South Africa.

The Accenture Liquid studios showcased the NAO ROBOT – is a programmable humanoid robot, he is very interactive with endearing artificial intelligence that could help us get hands on experience with robot technology. NAO ROBOT can speak, can do voice recognition,  face recognition among many other things that human beings can do.

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