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5 ways to rock short hair this summer


By Nomali Cele

Viewing spring and summer as a time for new beginnings is somewhat of a cliché. But it’s a good one! And making your hair shorter is as good a new beginning as any. Short hair can get a bad reputation. It’s easy to get exasperated with it and think that it’s not versatile or easy to style. In the natural hair movement circles, short natural hair is called the TWA (teeny weeny afro). And for most naturals trying to get to that ideal big hair phase, the TWA is not a great place to be. But short hair doesn’t have to be dull and boring! Here are five styles you can wear on your short hair this summer.

Go classic and bald


summer hairstyle tips for short hair

Zandi Nhlapo rocks her signature brush cut

Nobody loves their brush and chiskop like South African women love it! If you are tired of hair completely or want to go bold ala Zandi Nhlapo, this might be the season to do it.

Throw it back


short hairstyle to rock in summer

Nomuzi Mabena

To go with her new independent artist, Nomuzi Mabena debuted a new hairstyle recently. We all recognised it as the iconic 1990s finger waves hairstyle. With a little patience and a lot of styling gel, you and your favourite hairstylist will pull this one off.

Twist and coil it


summer hairstyle inspiration for short hair

Chrisette Michelle

Is there a more basic yet iconic hairstyle than that twist you do with your vaslap? A few minutes spent twisting your hair with a wet cloth and some curl holder will yield a beautiful, easy hairstyle of micro coils.

Be colourful


pastel hair colour for black women summer

Img Source: Refinery29

Spring/Summer 2016 seems it will all about the colourful dye job. Whatever your colour of choice, make it happen! Note, however, that most dyes will require you to bleach your hair first.

Fade away


summer hairstyles for black women

Uzalo star Dawn Thandeka King looking beautiful with her fade

The fade has been back in style for a while now. Commonly known as the Chicco Twala/Kendrick Lamar/Rebecca Malope hairstyle, getting your hair in an uneven but stylish cut is only the beginning. You can style it even further by adding lines and patterns.

It’s important to take care of your hair at whatever length it is and keep it moisturised and happy. Even when bald, there are ways to take care of your scalp and hair follicles to keep it 100.