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5 Places to visit with your family on Freedom Day


By Motlagae Konyana

Freedom Day is a South African public holiday that is celebrated on 27 April. It commemorates freedom and the first elections that were held on the 27 April 1994 after the apartheid government. These elections were the first non-racial national elections – where everyone of over the age of 18 from any race group, including foreign citizens permanently resided in South Africa, were allowed to vote. Previously, under the apartheid regime, black people had no rights to vote.

Are you wondering what do to do with your family on Freedom Day? Don’t worry, Kaya FM has a list of incredible places to visit on the 27 April 2017 for you and your family. These places capture the past, present and the future of our beloved South Africa, a great way to expose your family and children to the rich histroy of South Africa.

Apartheid Museum, Johannesburg, Gauteng

A multi-faceted team of curators, historians, designers, writers and filmmakers has assembled the museum. The exhibits also include provoking film footage, photographs, text pieces and articles of South Africa’s unrestrained past and inspiring stories of the struggle towards democracy.

Phezulu Cultural Village, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

Phezulu Cultural Village is definitely the place to be, to experience the true and amazing spirit of Africa. The Village cabinets the essence and beauty of the Zulu culture and lifestyle. The pictorial park has beautiful views of the famous Valley of a 1000 Hills. You can enjoy a tour of the village, watch the traditional Zulu dance show, or visit the 90-year-old Nile crocodile that lives in the village’s crocodile park.

Franschhoek, Western Cape

Franschhoek is a beautiful cultural hub, filled with rich history from long before Freedom Day. It is also a stone throw away from Victor Verster premises (now the Drakenstein Correctional Facility) where Nelson Mandela spent his last days in prison. The Drakenstein Correctional Facility has been declared a South African National Heritage Site, and a statue of Mandela stands just outside the prison gates. Lunch at the scenic Franschhoek is great for a family catch up.

Lilliesleaf Farm, Rivonia, Gauteng

It was once the daring centre of the liberation movement and a place of sanctuary for its leaders. Today Liliesleaf is one of South Africa’s, award-winning heritage and museum sites; the journey to democracy in South Africa is honoured.

Nelson Mandela Capture Site, KwaZulu-Natal

This is one of the most beautiful of the remembrance sites in South Africa. The astonishing sculpture, designed by artist Marco Cianfanelli, is around 35 metres away from the steel beams, down the trail. At this distance, the portrait of Nelson Mandela comes into focus as the 50 linear beams line up to create the illusion of a flat image. The sculpture is in Howick in KwaZulu-Natal; an interactive site where you and your family can ruminate. The beautiful green surroundings add to the display that becomes Madiba’s face as you walk closer.

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