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zanzibar food to try when you travel to zanzibar

5 dishes to try in Zanzibar

19 Aug 2016 TRAVEL

By Nomali Cele

Lately, the greater Gauteng region has started warming up, which can only be a good omen for the months ahead because MKaya, we’re going to Zanzibar in October! If you’re planning to join us, book your spaces today to avoid disappointment!

Excitement is rising at Kaya House as we think of all the activities that Kaya FM listeners, presenters and, maybe, a special celebrity guest or two (sssh!) will get up to in Zanzibar!

zanzibar food to try when you travel to zanzibar

Travel enthusiasts would probably agree that a good way to get a feel for any travel destination is to try as much of the local cuisine as possible, which is why we think you should eat these five dishes in Zanzibar:

  1. Something Fishy

Zanzibar is a fishing town so you can expect the fish the local restaurants serve to be freshly caught. Everything from basic fish and chips at one of the Nungwi Resort restaurants to a beautifully prepared gourmet fish-based meal is recommended.

  1. Bokoboko or Bokuboku

Bokoboko or Bokuboku (spellings differ) is a popular East African dish. It’s made from a mixture of shredded meats, spices and wheat and comes out looking like rough porridge, or oats. If you’re looking to try a dish that represents the region, Bokoboko is the way to go.

  1. Paella

Paella is a seafood dish of Spanish origin. We’ve established that Zanzibar is home to an abundant and fresh supply of seafood, so their paella is worth a try. Made with rice and seafood (still in its shell) paella is a fish lovers idea of paradise.

  1. Pezwa wa nazi

Looking to try seafood of a different kind? Pezwa wa nazi is octopus cooked in coconut milk, cinnamon, cardamom, garlic and lime juice, and will give you a taste of local flavours.

  1. Fresh Coconut

This is not really a dish but Zanzibar is an island paradise, after all, so you may as well indulge in the refreshing delight that is fresh coconut. Reclining on a beach towel in the warm sand or under an umbrella by the pool, your coconut drink will make for an interesting travel memory.