4 ways a life of minimalism can make you happy


4 ways a life of minimalism can make you happy

8 Jan 2021 LIFESTYLE

By: Natasha Archary


Minimalism Simple Living

In our quest for more, we lose the value of those things we can’t attach a price tag to. Minimalism and a simple lifestyle aren’t about owning white furniture, a loft apartment or roaming around with open toe sandals. It’s a holistic, less is more approach.


Minimalism vs Simple living

The internet is abuzz with articles on minimalism and striving for a simpler life. There’s a difference between the two, however minute, with one leaning more into a deeper journey of self-discovery and the other a cultural way of life.


Minimalism is more about an expression of fulfilment. It’s when you have a house full of embellished objects but finding little joy in them and wanting to rid yourself of opulence.


Minimalism is practical


“Material things only bring you temporary happiness.” 


Influenced by the aesthetic practice of Zen Buddhism, the minimalist movement is on the rise in the western world. Going against the grain in a fervently consumerist society, the Japanese lead a minimalistic lifestyle with practical ease.


Futon mattresses fold up and are stored in the cupboard after use. You don’t need chairs, meals are had seated on the floor. Spaces are clean without fussy appliances, gadgets and branded products. We’re talking about the bare essentials. If you live alone, you’ll have one toothbrush, one plate, one knife, fork and a spoon.


Spiritual significance

We’re so focused on attaining more in life – more wealth, bigger houses, faster cars, smart TVs, better phones, expensive food, lavish this, bougee that – that we don’t find pleasure in what we have.


In his best-selling book, The monk who sold his Ferrari, author Robin Sharma touched on minimalism beautifully. The book that went on to change the lives of millions of people throughout the world tells the story of how a highly stressed, overweight lawyer who worked himself to the brink of death, sought a deeper path. Following his spiritual awakening from penny pusher to minimalism is inspiring.


Attaining a lifestyle

For many, bragging about their material possessions is all they have going for them. Whether or not this lifestyle is something they can afford, it’s about reaching the next level and “showing off” their recent buy. As many local celebrities have come clean on Instagram recently with #TheGramSham, a podcast we launched on Kaya FM, we now know that it’s all just to mask a deeper, darker, uglier truth.


Could minimalism be the key to happiness for you? A quote from the animated movie Trolls is an apt answer to this question, “Happiness isn’t something you put inside of you, it’s already there.”