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#3Tspoons on #WarningTheCurrentAboutAnEx

23 Feb 2021 SHOWS

Imagine if there was an ‘Ex-List.’ A list of all the people you were in relationships with that new potential partners can access before they get into a relationship with your ex.

In more serious cases, it could serve as a warning about possibly abusive pairings. Or save unsuspecting people from con-artists who are out to ruin lives.

The Best T in the City with T-Bose took it there today when he wanted to know if we should make it our duty to warn others about our exes.

There are more serious implications, such as your intentions being received as meddlesome.


#3TSpoons on: When #WarningTheCurrentAboutAnEx
1. If They’re An Addict

If your ex is an alcoholic, drug addict, porn addict, gambling addict, or has any other addiction, warning the new partner can be a Godsent. Remember, addicts can hide their addictions well while they are selling themselves to you. Addicts are also incredibly manipulative and are good liars. So, while they may come across as perfectly fine, they’re battling inner demons, so it’s important to warn others just so that they avoid unnecessary heartache.


2. If They’re Abusive

If your ex is abusive and shown no intention to change, then it’s important to warn others. We know that another pandemic we must deal with is ABUSE and if the one way of ensuring that it doesn’t spread is by ensuring that abusers are never in relationships, then so be it, right?


3. If They’re Fraudsters

This may sound extreme, but there are several people who thought they’ve found a good partner they don’t know they are with a fraudster. So, if your ex is a fraudster don’t you think it is your national duty to warn others to avoid them? Before they find themselves mess like you did.

Feature image:  Alex Green from Pexels

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