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#3Tspoons on #TheThingsIDidInMyTeens

23 Feb 2021 SHOWS

How honest are you with your kids about your younger years? About #TheThingsIDidInMyTeens?

Have you been completely open with them about the things you experimented with, even when you were warned not to?

Why do adults hide their past mistakes from their own children?


We Fear Being Judged

Most of us have a colorful past, and some of the things we did back then, we hope to live down. So, when our teenagers ask us about our past life, we lie to them because we fear they will judge us; however, what we don’t realize is that when we are open and honest with them, maybe we can prevent them from committing the same mistakes we did.


We Don’t Want To Seem Hypocritical

One of the reasons why most adults lie to their children about their past life is because they impose rules onto their kids that they failed to obey. In our teens, we boasted about how we broke the rules, so hiding how you used to be a delinquent; is in some way trying to avoid hypocrisy.


We Think We Are Protecting Them

Protecting and worrying is what parents do. And we know that kids will do what kids do, experiment. This feeds and satisfies their curiosity, but if not managed, it can cause permanent damage. There are things we need to shield them from, like drugs, sex, and alcohol, because these vices have destroyed many a life. So, we rather not let them experiment and risk being unpopular.

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