Delayed gratification hacks for everything.

Delayed gratification hacks for everything

6 Aug 2018 LIFESTYLE

By Zuko Komisa

Delayed gratification is one of the most important skills to have when you are serious about success. It’s been proven that delaying gratification improves your self-control and ultimately helps you achieve your long-term goals faster. It is basically planning for the future and structuring your life around doing things that are of benefit in the long term.

Delayed Gratification for Kids

If you have kids you need to teach them the skill of patience and doing what you need to do first before getting what you want. the ability to see a things in the long-term vs the short-term has many rewards especially if you want them to be goal driven individuals. Set them a goal, and let them learn to work hard to achieve a reward in the future.

Physical Fitness

We all know how hard exercising can be, but a person who practices delayed gratification will wake up in the morning and tell themselves that it’s a must to be up right now, as the rewards will be awesome. Consistency in doing things today for the future allows you to endure the pain and work towards achieving your fitness goals.

Marriage and Relationships

You may find yourself being impatient with aspects of your partner’s habits or the challenge of being fully committed to your spouse, but a person who understands the value of delayed gratification will understand that serving your partner comes back to you tenfold, it’s about understanding how much value your partner is, to your life and you to theirs as well as seeing the long-term vision of a happy relationship.


A person who sees a pair of sneakers and wants them now is thinking short-term. However, a person who sees the same pair of sneakers and says I will work extra hard to save up enough money to buy these in the future is practicing delayed gratification. You also become a master of this practice when you look at the price of those sneakers and tell yourself I will rather take the money I am meant to use to buy these sneakers and save it for 10 years and have more money to buy more pairs in the future.



We can’t stress enough the importance of education, how what you learn today helps you in the long-term. The amount of work you put into your studies pays dividends in the future. You have to see the end goal, where you have your qualification in the bag, making more money, being successful. All these are thoughts that should drive your action in your pursuit of a better life.

Delayed gratification teaches us to make the right choices. When you realise that choosing to have something now might feel good, but making the effort to have discipline and manage your impulses can result in bigger or better rewards in the future.