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100 Ways to find Nelson Mandela in you

11 May 2018 TRAVEL

By Motlagae Konyana

The South African Tourism industry is celebrating Nelson Nandela’s centenary at this year’s Africa Travel Indaba. In celebrating Nelson Mandela, 100 postcards, postcards represent the different Nelson Mandela influenced sites across the country are being shared at the Indaba.

The South African Tourism stand installed the 100,  one-of-a-kind postcards displaying 100 ways to find the Nelson Mandela in you.  At the various airports in the country,  in honouring the icon –  Nelson Mandela books were handed out to delegates from different nations and countries.

The postcards take you through a journey with Nelson Mandela starting with Eastern Cape wherehe was born, vilakazi street where he lived as a young lawyer,   the Nelson Mandela capture site where we was found and detained and Robben Island where he spend two decades as a political prisoner.

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