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Wine etiquette for your dinner party this weekend

8 August 2018 LIFESTYLE

By Motlagae Konyana

Wine has become a favorite beverage to serve at parties, with meals, and during casual get-togethers. Are you hosting a dinner party this long weekend with your close friends and families? Are you tired of being embarrassed when you are among wine enthusiasts?  Here are some wine principles that you can try to stick by:

Do trust your palate

Wine snobs and wine enthusiast love to tell the rest of the world all about wines you shouldn’t drink. Trust your palate and it will tell you everything about the wine that you would enjoy. Try a variety of wines from around the world to develop your palate and base your decision on your own experience and preferences. 

Great wine deserves great glassware

There are many different types of wine glasses, find the best wine glasses for your favourite wine. The general rule when it comes to incredible glassware is the thinner the glassware the better the palpable experience of the wine will be. Be sure you use the correct glassware for the different wines. 

More is better

Not necessarily in quantity but in range – there are so many different varieties of wine to choose from, experiment with these different varieties. If you prefer a sweet taste you can try the sweet wines – most dessert wines generally have a sweet taste.

Wine Pairing with your menu is important

If you’re hosting a dinner party this long weekend, be sure to keep everyone’s entree in mind from a fish dish to red meat dishes – you might be in the mood for Chardonnay, but that might obliterate another diner’s succulent beef fillet with vegetables. In order to appeal to a variety of palates and preferences, always choose both a white and a red wine for the table. Your diners will be happy and you will certainly look like a wine enthusiast.

Decanting is an art

All wines need a little time to breathe. Lighter whites such as Gewürztraminer can be served straight from the bottle or, if the smell is slightly mouldy, let it breathe in a decanter for approximately 15 minutes before serving to your diners. Richer, more full-bodied whites such as Chardonnay and Viognier,  can benefit from up to an hour or two decanting while a young, tannic, full-bodied expensive red, can be decanted up to three or four hours before serving. Decanting your wine will give you a clean and clear glass of wine, with a beautiful bouquet.

Go forth and host your dinner party this coming long weekend! Remember to trust your palate and a good glass makes the wine taste even better.