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Three South African movies that made box-office magic

31 October 2016 ARTS & CULTURE

By Nomali Cele

With each passing year, more South African films make a splash at the local box office. Quality has become consistently better and our movies go beyond just “seeing our stories told in our voices”. While it’s important that we be the ones to tell our stories, having South African films on circuit,is largely an economic endeavor that helps the industry grow ー the more money local movies generate, the more they will keep getting made.

Vir Altyd directed by Jaco Smit

There’s an ongoing gag that says Afrikaans productions keep making money because their audiences are loyal that disregards socio-economic factors. The romantic adventure film, Vir Altyd, is no exception to that rule. Vir ALtyd sticks to a recipe that works by reuniting Donnalee Roberts and Ivan Botha (who previously acted opposite each other on 7 de Laan and the 2013 flick, Pad na Jou Hart) as the leading couple. Set on Mauritius, the movie centres around the pair who reunite after many years. Vir Altyd broke local box-office records by earning R13.4 million in just one month of being on circuit.

Happiness is a Four-letter Word directed by Thabang Moleya

Happiness is a Four-letter Word was the local film industry’s big smash hit this year. Often, South African filmmaking is criticised for focusing all its efforts in two categories of storytelling: gangster action and apartheid historical movies. However, Four-letter Word is none of that. Adapted from the award-winning 2010 novel of the same name by Cynthia Jele, the romantic drama is about young, upwardly mobile black Afropolitans navigating through their beautiful lives in Jozi’s Northern Suburbs. Happiness is a Four-letter Word made R2 million in its opening weekend and went on to gross over R13 million.

Mrs Right Guy directed by Adze Ugah

Following in the footsteps of the romantic comedy films released every few years (think White Wedding, Fanie Fourie’s Lobola, Tell Me Sweet Something), Mrs Right Guy is a romantic film about a woman, who was previously unlucky in love, now finding herself courted and confused by two very eligible bachelors. It stars local darling Dineo Moeketsi is her first leading film role. Mrs Right Guy has raked in over R3 million.

What has been your favourite South African movie this year?





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