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‘Moving South Africa forward’ requires an honest appraisal of the problems facing the country

(16 April 2014)

On Monday, 14 April, I attended a press briefing by the African National Congress’ (ANC’s) subcommittee on Human Settlements and Social Services attended among others, by Lindiwe Sisulu, Lechesa Tsenoli, Edna Molewa and Connie September – all members of the […]

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Yolanda Korkie pleads with Al Qaeda kidnappers to release her husband

(7 February 2014)

South African teacher, Yolande Korkie was recently released by Al Qaeda kidnappers after being held hostage since May last year. However, her husband, Pierre Korkie was not that fortunate. The kidnappers have set tomorrow as D-Day, demanding to be paid […]

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Meet The Team

Mokgadi Itsweng

Mokgadi Itsweng has worked in the food industry for more than 14yrs. She owned and ran a catering company; Hotpots catering (1997-2000) She acquired further culinary training in New York City.

My love affair with food began on the day I was born. (Mokgadi Itsweng)

Dr. Mhinga

Dr. Mhinga is a healthcare practitioner, specialising as a General Practitioner. He is a Council member on the governing body of the world-class University of Limpopo in South Africa. He is also active in his medical practices in Soweto and Bryanston.

He’s an outstanding physician. He’s an attentive father to our four sons (Yvonne Chaka Chaka)

Tony Trollip

Tony Trollip has been in the ICT sector for just over 20 years with exposure to various technologies and their myriad of variances. His understanding of technology ensures that he has an in depth knowledge of many technologies as they are used and or applied.

“To be a successful independent in the ICT sector, you need to make peace with the ideas;
a) There is always something new.
b) There is always a different way of applying technology.
c) As soon as you think that you have seen everything, you have not.

I think to a degree I have made peace with the above and by doing so, I am open to all things new and especially the possibilities.”  (Tony Trollip)

Show features

Weekly Features:

Monday: 180 Forecast with the Sunday Papers Review with Moipone Malefane. Tuesday: 180 Gadgetech with Tony Trollip 8:20 am (Talking new technologies, gadgets and offering tech solutions). Thursday: Health 180  with Dr. Tiny Mhinga. Friday: Eddie G’s mix from 7:05 am.

Daily Features:

News According to Kuli Famous Birthdays 180 Battle of the sexes 180 The traffic song

About Bob Mabena

Q & A:

Name: Bob Mabena. Date of Birth: 26-07-1969. Education: Very Educated. Family: Lots of Kids. First Job: Radio Presenter. Hobbies: Reading. Favourite Movie: Serendipity. Favourite Book: The Difference Maker. What are you currently reading? The Difference Maker. Best book you’ve read? Bible. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Kicking more butt on radio. What advice would you give school leavers/graduates? Enjoy it on my behalf – Never got to study as much as I would have liked. Do you have a role model – If so, who? Jesus – He knew and understood His calling. Where is your favourite holiday spot? Mozambique. Person you would most like to meet? Suge Knight (He needs to tell me why!) What car do you drive? Audi What is the quality you like most about yourself? Patience Ever been left speechless on the air? Yes – when Chris Hani died Who is the one person you would love to interview, but haven’t yet had the pleasure? Barack Obama

Career History:

1988 Started at Radio Bop – Presented Afternoon and Breakfast shows. Also presented a Music Video show on Bop TV. in 1992 Joined Metro FM and presented Morning and Afternoon Drives. Presented a few shows on SABC TV. in 1996 Joined Primedia at Highveld Stereo. Became Music Manager of 94.7 and then a short stint as PD and GM. in 1999 Moved to Kaya for Breakfast show and then became PD and a short stint as GM. Marketing and Sales. 2005 Moved back to Primedia at Group Sales in BD. 2006 Joined SABC as Director Strategy – Commercial Services (Radio & TV). 2009 Did two years Group N racing for Nissan. 2011 Moved back home to Kaya, presenting 180with Bob 6am – 9am weekdays Released 5 music CDs and won 1 South african Music Award, won 1 Best Radio Presenter Award, 1 Best TV Presenter Award.


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