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Innovative date idea: Xtreme Indoor Karting

13 February 2018 LIFESTYLE

By: Natasha Archary 


Aren’t you sick of the traditional Valentine’s date night? Dinner, red roses, chocolates and a kiss to seal the deal. Think outside the box this year and do something that will get your adrenalin surging through your veins.


Xtreme Indoor Karting offers just the thing. Located in the heart of Fourways, in the Cedar Square shopping mall, is an indoor thrill ride of your life.



Ladies, this will be the perfect surprise treat for him and instead of expecting to receive this year, show the man in your life that you too can be spontaneous and romantic. It would make such a fun date night.


Upon arrival, I was greeted by the friendly and helpful staff who were so involved and on hand to answer any question on safety I had. A detailed de-brief by Nadiera Haniff Sarek and I was off for my first 10 practice laps. A little messy on the corners and far too hard on the brake during the first five laps, I gradually eased into a comfortable pace and technique.




The karts are easy to operate, with just two pedals and automatic so you focus on steering. I am a speed freak so this was perfect for me and it was a real adrenalin rush. The only downside to this being the perfect date experience is that it gets really hot under the helmet. If you don’t mind getting hot before things heat up between the two of you, then this wouldn’t bother you too much.


This date experience would give you so much insight into your partner – are they adventurous, down for whatever, ready to get a little dirty, eager to try new things? Or are you stuck in a relationship rut with no direction insight?


It’s fun, inexpensive and gives you both a gauge for who the designated driver should be. Competitive couples could do a double date and challenge your friends. The options for having fun with Xtreme Indoor Karting are endless. Your fastest lap will be recorded and this always pushes couples to out-do one another.


More than that though, it is an innovative date idea because it’s far from the typical movie night and involves a little physical activity. So put your cellphones down and, instead of texting back and forth, do something exciting, different and fast-paced with your partner.

I would recommend Xtreme Indoor Karting to any couple who isn’t afraid to venture into unknown territory. Personally, the man who is able to win my heart would be able to own the track, handle speed and drive like he’s an F1 champion. Nothing is more of a turn on than that. Whether he would be able to is another matter, I did win after all.


Nadiera from Xtreme Indoor Karting will ensure you’re comfortable.

To book your Xtreme Indoor Karting experience head to Xtreme Indoor Karting 

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