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Sanlam 100 Years

11 March 2018 EDUCATION

Sanlam believes that every child has the power to change the world. That’s why they have launched the Sanlam Blue Ladder Schools project as part of their centennial celebrations. They have partnered with 75 under resourced schools and have been upgrading their facilities. Now you have the chance to help out too… Join us on Kaya FM this Thursday, 15 March from 6- 9am, to hear all about Sanlam’s Shop For Good initiative.


You can also visit right now to get involved and help give learners a head start on a brighter future with Sanlam and Kaya FM.

The Sanlam Blue Ladder Schools Project partners with 75 under-resourced schools across the country to assist with improving maths competency and creating a brighter future for learners.

We are committed to ensuring school environments are conducive to learning and to focus on:

Essentials and sanitation a happy environment creates happy learners

Maths competency: assisting with learning, earning & saving

Leadership roles: good leadership promotes successful learners

Sanlam believes that Every One Counts. Every school changed and every child educated is a success that will positively impact the economy. Together we can uplift our children and South Africa today and for generations to come.

To shop for good online, visit



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